Annual survey results 2019

Every year, the team at the CoderDojo Foundation carries out an annual survey. All verified Dojos from around the world are invited to tell us about their club and experiences. 

Of course, a lot has changed since we conducted the annual survey in the autumn of last year. The restrictions have meant that most Dojos around the world are currently operating very differently to how they were before. As of May 2020, based on a sample of over 500 replies, we understand that roughly: 

  • 22% of Dojos are running their sessions online
  • 7% are sending activities to their Ninjas
  • 59% are paused for now 

In addition, almost 4% are hoping to resume in-person sessions soon, while almost 9% are planning online or asynchronous sessions in the interim.

As countries around the world begin to ease  restrictions, it is encouraging to see positivity and resilience from our Dojos, as well as volunteers’ excitement at being able to resume sessions. The results of the 2019 annual survey paint a picture of what is now a different world. Nonetheless, we hope that the findings will be valuable to volunteers as they begin to map out future plans for their clubs.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all Dojo champions who took the time to fill out the survey and share their experiences with us. Understanding what your individual club looks like provides us with valuable insights, which in turn allows us to better support our community. 

We welcome your ongoing feedback. You can continue to share your experiences with us at [email protected].

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