CoderDojo and Robotify have teamed up to offer a free course for Ninjas!

The CoderDojo Foundation have teamed up with robotics platform, Robotify, to offer Dojos an exciting gift for the new year! Robotify are an Irish-based company who offer online modules to teach virtual robotics programming, without the need to buy hardware. With this FREE offering, CoderDojo Ninjas can learn new skills while also having lots of fun programming robots!

Robosumo – a challenge just for CoderDojo Ninjas

Robotify have designed an awesome online module called ‘Robosumo’ especially for the CoderDojo community. In this exciting course, Ninjas get the opportunity to battle an AI sumo wrestler, and learn new programming skills along the way. In order to learn the basics, Ninjas also have access to a tutorial that demonstrates how to write the algorithm. 

Ninjas from around the world can share their algorithms with each other, and implement improvements to make their robosumo more advanced.

How to access your Robotify gift

Access your free Robotify gift here!

You will be prompted to register on the platform, and from there you will have access to the CoderDojo Robosumo course. There are also tutorials available, as we mentioned earlier, where you can learn the basics of the Robotify platform.

Happy coding!


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