Your favourite CoderDojo moments of 2019!

With over 2,100 Dojos worldwide, we know that amazing things happen in the CoderDojo community every day. So what better way to celebrate these moments than to share them together!

Throughout December, we have been asking you to share your favourite moments from the year on social media, using the hashtag #CoderDojoStories. Below is a recap of all your heartwarming highlights — thanks to everyone who took part!

Celebrating Ninja achievements

Rachel from the Lake Norman Dojo shared a lovely video of Ninja, Lekha, presenting her awesome Scratch project. Well done Lekha!

CoderDojo Belgium shared the story of youth mentor, Bryan, who has started his own Dojo and begun a graduate degree in Computer Science. Go Bryan!

Chinedum from the Maitama Dojo gave a shout-out to three of his Ninjas, who received nominations in our Boo Challenge competition. What a great achievement!

Over on our Facebook group, Laura mentioned a 7 year old Ninja with a special talent for matching colours!

Heather from Zionsville said her favourite moment was when the Ninjas made her a thank-you message using App Inventor. How creative and thoughtful of them!

Event highlights

Well done to the Ninjas from the Altona North Dojo, who presented projects at the Monash Maker Faire in Melbourne — what a great learning opportunity. Thanks to STEMDownUnder for the share!

Adele shared some great pictures from the launch of the Aversa Dojo in Italy, featuring a range of activities from unplugged games to robotics! Thank you Adele!

The Tech Education Network in Northern Ireland held two CoderDojo events in 2 weeks, including an Hour of Code activity. The events had a strong focus on accessibility and digital inclusion — both important themes in the CoderDojo community this year with the launch of our Accessibility Guide.

Well done to the seven Ninjas from the Timisoara Dojo, who travelled to Moscow for a special event that brought biology and programming together. Thanks to Radu for sharing the achievements of the “BioCoderDojo”!

Inspiring guest speakers and role models

TeenTurn shared about a visit they had from VP of Public Policy, Twitter EMEA, Sinead McSweeney. Sinead popped by the Dublin Dojo to talk to the Ninjas about women in tech and self-belief — amazing!

Our very own Kevin shared how his favourite moment was interviewing Nikole Vaughn, from the San Antonio CoderDojo Collective, as part of International Women’s Day. Thank you Kevin!

Nadia shared her story of starting the first CoderDojo in Iraq and joining us as a Growth Partner. Amazing work, Nadia!

We’d like to say a huge thank you to our entire community who do such incredible work every day. It is truly humbling to see your highlights from the year — we cannot wait to see what 2020 brings!

Happy holidays everyone!

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