Highlights from DojoCon Netherlands 2019

An incredible 200 community members attended the first ever DojoCon Netherlands, which took place in Breda earlier this month. The aim of the event was to bring together the Dutch community and its supporters, and to exchange knowledge, compare experiences and build relationships.

Everyone in attendance had a packed schedule of exciting talks, workshops, and structured sessions to choose from. Among the attendees were Josh from the CoderDojo Foundation Community team, and Thom from the Raspberry Pi Foundation Research team!


Highlights from the day

The community was at the heart of this event. Attendees were encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences through Q&A sessions, workshops, networking breaks, and informal meetings. Below are some of the highlights from the day.

  • A great talk from Dutch influencer and programmer, Felienne  on how to teach coding to young people in today’s world. 
  • Some brilliant demonstrations from the young people helping to lead the Dutch company, Leaphy, in their Robotics for Good programme. 
  • Two Champion Facilitators’ training sessions from the Foundation which had 18 people take part.
  • Meetings with members of the Italian, Belgian and Greek communities to share differences and global insights. 
  • Ruby training and showcasing sessions. 

Super cute robots at DojoCon NL

The whole thing was so inspiring. Each and every speaker and workshop was just awesome, so it’s pretty hard to single out anything […] everyone really got in touch with each other and started networking. People exchanged contact details and even made arrangements to visit each others Dojos — Chris, CoderDojo Netherlands

Digital goodie bag

The organisers of DojoCon Netherlands also published an awesome digital goodie bag which you can find here. The document gives a full overview of the event’s keynote speakers and workshops, and is also a great reference for anyone who might be thinking of hosting a DojoCon in their local community!

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