Attending or hosting an event in your community? Apply for our FREE CoderDojo Events Pack!

***Please allow 6 weeks between applying for your Events Pack and the date of your event***

Are you getting involved in a technology or educational event in your local community? Whether you are hosting your own event, or taking part in an existing event, you may be eligible to apply for our CoderDojo Events Pack! We launched this pack earlier in the year to help community members to engage with attendees, share information, and spread the word about CoderDojo. The Events Pack has already enabled several champions to inspire others at events around the world!

These offerings are important not only for the Ninja but for the community to see CoderDojo [outside of the normal Dojo environment] — champion who attended a local tech event

It’s a brilliant resource and I would apply for it again — champion who took part in a school showcase

Who can apply?

You can apply for a pack if you are involved in a Dojo (this can be as a champion, mentor, parent or Ninja), and are planning to host a CoderDojo-focused event or take part in an existing technology event. Below are some examples of relevant events.

You could organise a CoderDojo-focused event, such as:

You could participate in an existing event in your community by:

  • Giving a talk
  • Having a CoderDojo-themed stand
  • Hosting a workshop
  • Hosting a Code Week event

What’s included in the pack?

The type and size of the event will determine what items are included in the pack, but most packs will include CoderDojo stickers, badges, lanyards and flyers.

We also have a wide range of digital resources to help you with planning your event:

Note: flyers are available in English. Let us know if you require flyers in another language and we will see if we can accommodate your request.

Great! How can I apply?

To apply for an Events Pack, please fill out the form below, including as much information as possible.

Apply for your Events Pack here!

Please ensure you apply a minimum of 6 weeks before the event you are hosting/attending. Applications received less than 6 weeks before the event may be rejected if we are unable to get the contents to you in time.


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