Our Dojo starter packs are now available worldwide!

Following on from the success of our pilot programme in Ireland and the UK, Champions worldwide now have the opportunity to apply for the CoderDojo starter packs to help them kick-start their new Dojos!


Why should you apply?

The packs act as a kit to get new Dojos off the ground and are full of helpful resources and information to guide Champions and Mentors through the early stages of running their Dojo. They also allow us to send a token of thanks and to welcome all new volunteers into our global community.


What is included in the pack?

The kits are full of helpful resources and content to support you in your first steps with us! Along with lots of stickers, lanyards and Micro:Bits the kit will also include a pre-loaded USB stick that is particularly focused on helping Champions set up Dojo’s in areas that have infrastructural challenges. Each USB contains software and all the offline content you will find on our project pages!

Packs contain:

  • Beginner Scratch content
  • Lots of flyers, stickers & badges
  • A CoderDojo poster for you to hang in your venue
  • A USB stick containing lots of materials for your Dojo

How do you apply for your Starter Pack?

When you apply to start a CoderDojo club in your local area, and your application is verified, we will send you a link to a simple form to apply for a starter pack. This link is for global Dojo’s being verified from today, June 10th. 

On behalf of the team at the CoderDojo Foundation, we would like to thank you for starting a Dojo and to warmly welcome you to the CoderDojo community! By starting a Dojo, you are helping to provide more young people in your local community with the opportunity to learn to code and explore digital making. CoderDojo is a global community and makes learning to code a fun, sociable and awesome experience with over 1,700 Dojos in more than 90 countries. Thank you for bringing this opportunity to young people in your area.


If you have any questions about starting a CoderDojo club why not join our next webinar or read our useful guide to running a club? If you have any further queries you can email: [email protected]


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Stem Center Ace says

Hi..I just registered as a Dojo couple of months back...am I eligible for starter kit too

Josh Hellier says

Hi Stem Centre Dojo!

Thank you for reaching out to us!

The global starter pack initiative was launched this month on June 10th and we hope it will be of value to Dojos and inspire them to stay motivated. At present, we have almost 2000 Dojos worldwide in over 90 countries, some of whom have been running for 7+ years.

As you can imagine, developing content, packing and distributing these packs to countries around the world is a considerable undertaking! The goal of the packs is to support Dojos in overcoming their first few sessions and continuing to the next year. Our research has found this to be a friction point for many clubs. In order to effectively assess the impact of the packs in helping Dojos overcome this—as well as being a charity with a limited amount of resources and staff time—we have taken the decision to only send packs to those who have started on, or after June 10th. Doing otherwise would undermine our research and would not be fair to other clubs. We hope you understand.

The good news is that you can apply for a birthday pack when you are within 2 months of your Dojo's birthday!

Just paste this into your browser to see more information on the Birthday Packs: https://coderdojo.com/2019/05/15/celebrate-your-dojo-birthday/

Best wishes,