Save Kittens with code at your Dojo!

Are you looking for a fun online resource to engage young people at your upcoming session?

Erase All Kittens is a Mario-style game designed to inspire children to code, whilst giving a gentle introduction to professional programming skills, such as HTML. The online game is set in a magical internet universe where players need to learn new skills to build and fix levels so that they can save cute fluffy kittens from an evil rebellion – Operation EAK.


Additional resources available

EAK has 140,000 players worldwide. Over half of these are girls, compared with an estimated 18% for other coding tools. The game is approximately 60 minutes long and additional creative coding resource plans are available.

How the game works


How to sign-up

Interested in trying EAK at your Dojo? Ninjas can easily sign up online by entering a few details here, and typing the name of the CoderDojo club (including the word CoderDojo) under ‘School Name’.

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