Celebrate your Dojo Birthday!

Volunteers around the world have been running regular sessions in their local area since the very first CoderDojo club started in 2011. We want to support volunteers and young people, who have been involved in Dojos that have been running for years, to celebrate. That’s why today we are launching the CoderDojo Birthday pack!

Why is it so important?

We know it’s not easy running a Dojo year after year. It’s important to celebrate all you’ve achieved over the last twelve months of running your Dojo, and give all those involved a clap on the back. It’s useful to take the time to check in with volunteers, parents and young people and note all you’ve accomplished as a group. 


What is included in the pack?

Each pack is filled with CoderDojo stickers, birthday posters, content cards (currently available in English only), CoderDojo balloons, birthday candles, a template to make party hats and stencils to make your own birthday baked goods. What’s more each pack comes with a USB filled with resources your Dojo can use to mark the date the Dojo became verified, as well as lots of content for you to use after the big day. You can use the resources here even if you haven’t applied for a pack.

How can you apply for your Birthday pack?

Dojo champions can apply for their pack up to two months in advance of their Dojo anniversary (the date their club was verified) on the CoderDojo community platform.

When a Dojo champion or co-champion log in on the CoderDojo platform they will see a message on their dashboard. This message will show two months in advance of their Dojo anniversary until the anniversary date itself.

Click on the message to be brought to the birthday pack form. We recommend that Dojo champions submit their pack application as soon as they see the message to be sure the pack arrives in advance of your Birthday session, wherever you are in the world!

To summarise:

  1. Dojo champions login on the platform
  2. See the birthday pack message two months in advance of the anniversary
  3. Click on the message link
  4. Fill in the form
  5. Get an email when your pack is on it’s way
  6. Receive your Dojo birthday pack
  7. Celebrate at your Birthday Dojo session!

So let’s party and remember all your Dojo has achieved over the last year! Below are some additional resources, party games and ideas to help get you in the mood and encourage your members on your Dojo anniversary!


Party games


Celebrating achievements

  • Showcase projects completed by young people over the year
  • Have mentors and Ninjas share what they’ve learned over the year
  • Paper plate awards: get creative and celebrate the unique things volunteers and young people have brought to your Dojo. You can get young people involved too in making their own. Examples include “most creative idea”, “top attendance”, “most willing to help others”, “great collaborator”.
  • Have mentors and Ninjas give feedback on what they’d like to work more on next year. It’s a great way to show how you are listening to those involved, motivate them to keep coming back and get new, fresh ideas.
  • If you’ve any old photos of your Dojo starting out, this is a great occasion to pin some up and share them with the wider club.


FAQs in relation to applying for Birthday Packs


Do you want to add another volunteer to co-champion your Dojo?

Want to add a mentor as a co-champion, so that they can apply for the pack on behalf of the Dojo? See how to do this here.


Has your Dojo Champion changed recently?

If your champion has changed or you need to step down as the champion and have yet to update this on the Zen platform, you will need to update your Dojo listing. This will mean the new champion will be able to apply for and receive the birthday pack for the Dojo. Find out how to do this here.


I’m not sure when my Dojo anniversary is.

The original Dojo champion would have been emailed by the Foundation during the application to verify your Dojo and to confirm the verification. This confirmation email date is the date your Dojo was verified.

As long as your current Dojo champion(s) login to the zen platform regularly (once a month) they will see the message show up on the dashboard two months ahead of your Dojo anniversary.


Not sure if your Dojo champion is up to date on zen?

Ask your current Dojo champion or lead mentor at your next session. You can direct them to this blog if they need to update the champion before applying for the Dojo Birthday pack.


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