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Connecting with others and sharing ideas is an integral part of the CoderDojo movement’s collaborative ethos. It is also an exciting and fun way to reach out to new volunteers and others interested in getting involved in the movement. And to help you spread the word about CoderDojo and get others engaged, we are launching the CoderDojo events pack!


Reach out to others — with our support


Volunteers involved in Dojos around the world are already connecting and sharing by taking part in events and hosting their own ones. We want to better support them in doing this, and give them the best assets to inspire even more collaboration and to help the movement grow.


We would like you to share your CoderDojo learnings with others. You love helping young people create with technology, and you are the best at encouraging like-minded people to volunteer or start their own clubs, because new people will see your enthusiasm shine through. And there are lots of people out there who don’t yet know about the CoderDojo movement, but who care about giving young people the chance to learn about tech and about innovating with it. Reaching out to these people is vital for enabling more young people to acquire digital skills for free.


Sign up for your events pack today


To support you in attending or hosting events to foster collaboration and share the message of CoderDojo, we are launching the CoderDojo events pack, which includes things like stickers, badges, flyers and lanyards. The type and size of the event will determine what your pack includes, and there are many different events you might be interested in.


You could participate in an non-Dojo event to:

  • Give a talk
  • Run a workshop

You could organise a:


If you’d like to sign for a CoderDojo events pack, please fill in this form to tell us details about the event you are going to attend.


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Sven Recker says

at first we have our first event in march, 29
After this we have a expo for girls and technic in our uni oldenburg.
More Information:
We are happy abot all support you can give us.

Best regards