Upcoming Community Webinar – Join us!

Our regular CoderDojo community webinars are an excellent opportunity for Dojos to connect and learn from each other’s experiences. Listen in, learn, get support and share your ideas with other CoderDojo volunteers around the world. You will also have an opportunity to ask CoderDojo Foundation members any questions you might have.

Our upcoming call is on Tuesday, January 22 from 5:00pm – 6:00pm GMT.

What are you planning for your Dojo in 2019?

This months call is hosted by Nicola, Community Manager at the CoderDojo Foundation and Stefano, Champion of Pisa Dojo (Italy) since 2015! On the call we will be discussing:

  • the latest resources for Dojos
  • how you can plan out your sessions
  • improvements made to the CoderDojo Platform
  • upcoming events and opportunities for Dojos
  • Stefano’s advice and experience’s of running a Dojo

All those who register to join the call will be emailed a video of the webinar and the presentation deck with links to useful resources afterwards.

How can I join?

Join us on Tuesday by signing up here and we will send you  a reminder on the day and the link to take part in the webinar!

In advance you can listen to our last webinar in November.

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