Share your Gratitude with our Ninja Competition!

To celebrate the month of giving, we are hosting a global competition for young people involved in CoderDojo (Ninjas) to celebrate all they are thankful for.

We want to encourage young people to share the things they are thankful for using the skills they have learned in their local CoderDojo club! Entrants can make a project about anything or anyone they are thankful for! It can be a HTML thank you card, a Scratch game where you highlight things you are grateful for, or a robot that plays a “thank you” song to your family for being great!

Dojos are about developing creativity, that’s why we will be selecting a winner and runner-up from each of the three categories for the projects which are the most creative in showing how thankful they are! 

What are the three competition categories?

The three categories are:

  • Games, Digital art and animation (eg. using Scratch, Unity, Blender)
  • Webpages and Apps (eg. using HTML, JS & App Inventor)
  • Robotics, music (eg. using a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Micro:Bit or Sonic Pi)

Entries can be link to photos of your project, a video of it in action, a link to the url where the project is hosted. Scratch projects can be shared with the CoderDojo Scratch studio with their project name noted in the project registration form.

Young people can submit their projects from today until Monday 10 December!


Resources to help encourage young people at your Dojo

PDF Gratitude competition – slides for Dojos

1 Page PDF – Gratitude competition

Submitting a project entry

Submit your project using the Share your Gratitude Form here!

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