Pete: Embarking on a new adventure

After four years,  on the 25th of May, Pete O’Shea will be finishing up with us at the CoderDojo Foundation to embark on a new adventure. Pete was one of the first people that I hired at the Foundation and its been a privilege to work with him  and watch him grow over this time. He has been a pivotal team member in growing the community team and the supports that we provide to the global community.


New Opportunity

“During my time at the Foundation I have had the privilege to meet so many passionate people in the community and collaborate on many different initiatives, both with the community and with external supporters. All of these have been focused in some way on the core ethos of CoderDojo, to give every young person the opportunity to learn about coding and tech in a safe and social environment!

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to join the CoderDojo foundation team back in 2014. My first day of work was straight in to support the CoderDojo stand at the RDS for an event in Dublin where I got to meet both mentors and ninjas from the Irish community. It seems only right to finish up in the same venue supporting the same community! Coolest Projects will be my last day as part of the foundation team, and what a day it will be!

Community selfies!

Thank you to all those that took the time to collaborate and work with me and the Foundation to support the community in their region. I will proudly continue to be a part of this amazing movement by running my own Dojo and volunteering with the Coolest Projects implementation team.” – Pete

Coolest Projects International is taking place on Saturday the 26th of May in the RDS Simmonscourt from 10:00 – 17:00. You can book your ticket to attend the showcase and see the schedule here!


Growing our team

To further develop the supports that we provide to the community, we are growing the Community team. There are now two exciting positions available with us, Senior Community Manager and Community Manager. If you are interested in using your skills and knowledge for good, and in empowering and building communities to provide new opportunities for hundreds of thousands of young people attending Dojos around the world then check out these role, or share them within your network.


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