Coolest Projects: Matei’s Lost World and the learning opportunity it created!

In the run-up to Coolest Projects International 2018 on 26 May, we will be sharing some inspiring stories of  participants in last year’s event to tell you about their unique journey: from initially conceiving their project idea, to developing it into a reality and presenting it on the day.

Matei and ‘The Lost World’

Matei, aged 10,  is a Ninja at his local Dojo, Cluj-Napoca @ Academy+Plus in Romania. He kindly shared with us how he developed his project The Lost World, and told us about his unforgettable experience of presenting at the Coolest Projects 2017 showcase.

Matei has a keen interest in science fiction, and developed his project idea after reading several books with a post-apocalyptic theme. His game The Lost World depicts an alternate reality which visualises a hopeful, alternative existence for human beings. He noted:The real question was ‘What we are going to leave behind?’ I wasn’t able to accept the idea that we are not going to leave something in this universe.”


Unreal Opportunities

The Lost World was an exciting, ambitious project, and Matei had to overcome a number of challenges while creating it. To achieve the visual impact he was aiming for, Matei challenged himself to use the platform Unreal Engine. Like a true Ninja, he taught himself how to use this programme through video tutorials and the occasional help of mentors at his Dojo.

Matei looks back on his project as a huge learning opportunity, where he had to tackle new software and mathematical concepts beyond his knowledge level, as well as completing a functioning game to a deadline.

Coolest Projects: shared passion

Attending Coolest Projects 2017 was very memorable for Matei, who told us: “I think the best thing was to meet other people with same passions as me.” In addition to the event being a fun and sociable experience, Matei’s hard work was also recognised: he was awarded first prize in the Games Under 12 category for his project. Taking part in the Coolest Projects event has been a huge motivation for Matei, and he is currently working on two new projects, one of which he hopes to present at Coolest Projects International 2018!

the best thing was to meet other people with same passions as me

The life-changing experience of his local Dojo

Attending his local Dojo has been a hugely worthwhile activity for Matei. It enabled him to learn a range of new skills and opened the door to Coolest Projects, allowing him to showcase his innovative idea as part of a global event! He said, “My encounter with the CoderDojo movement through Academy + Plus was a life-changing experience, a whole new domain was open, and I love it!

If you or some young people you know are looking to attend a Dojo, then search for your local Dojo here.

Register your Coolest Projects idea

If you feel inspired by Matei and have a project idea that you are working on at your Dojo or Raspberry Pi initiative, make sure to register your project for the Coolest Projects International event here. This year Coolest Projects is also coming to London for an exciting UK event on 28 April, for which you can register here. For both events, the closing date for registrations is 25 March 2018 — we are looking forward to receiving your ideas!


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