Make this holiday season your own with code!

This holiday season, why not try out these projects to support children to create with code over the holiday break? Create and learn together and make this holiday season your own with these free coding resources!

Make a singing, flashing, xmas jumper with code!

We here along with our colleagues at Code Club and the Raspberry Pi Foundation love our holiday jumpers! Why not code your own singing, flashing jumper so it does exactly what you want! CoderDojo Scotland have shared their learning resources so you can see how to code your own jumper with a Lilypad Arduino!

Code a Snowflake Challenge in Scratch!

Who needs snow globes? Make a wintery scene with falling snow, add in wind and more! See the challenge resources here, which are suitable for beginners who have programmed in Scratch before.


Make an Holiday Card with HTML

Why not create an e-card with code? Use your HTML knowhow and the template here at codecademy to personalise your own cards to send to those you care about this holiday season!

Make an App Inventor Christmas Card

Want to make a holiday greetings card that you can share with loved ones on an android phone? Why not use this resource from CoderDojo Castleknock to code your own app card that you can share with those you want to wish a happy new year to with a QR code so they can see it on their own android phone!



Customise your own holiday emoji!

Design your own custom holiday emoji here that you can share digitally or print! While making it you’ll learn about variables, encapsulation, sequences and objects!


Code a Microbit holiday badge!

Create your own holiday message badge, make it dependent on temperature to say different messages when your inside or outside, flash lights when it senses darkness and more using makecode. And if you have a micro:bit you can transfer over the code and try it out while you’re out and about this holiday season!



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