Community Content Release: The Multilingual Artist

Unleash your inner artist with a range of different technologies and languages. You don’t need to be a musician or a painter to make a masterpiece with code. What will you create today?


Introduction to Processing (Dutch)

Processing is a language designed for combining code and visual art, a digital sketchbook. Learn how to to fill your canvas with lines, colour, shapes and even music with the CoderDojo Belgium’s Introkaarten, written by Kurt De Vocht. Start here for a quick intro and guide to getting set up with Processing.


The JavaScript Artist (Dutch, English, French)

Take a different angle on programming JavaScript with this fabulous resource by CoderDojo Belgium. Available in Dutch, English, and French, this is JavaScript for Beginners with a focus on drawing and animation. No prior programming experience required!






Xylophone App (English)

Turn your Android device into a musical instrument with help from this App Inventor tutorial adapted for use at a Dojo by CoderDojo Castleknock. Why not record a video of your Dojo’s xylophone orchestra when you’re done and share it on the forums?


Arduino Slide Guitar (Dutch)

Combine coding and hardware to build your very own slide guitar with an Arduino and this Sushi Card by CoderDojo Belgium.



Want to contribute?

Have you made resources that you’d like to share with other Dojos? We’d love to hear from you! Email directly to [email protected] or start a conversation in the forums.

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