Announcing the hosts of DojoCon 2018!

DojoCon is the annual global conference for CoderDojo Community members. It is an opportunity for all those who volunteer their time to support, organise and Mentor at Dojos to meet, share their experiences, develop relationships and learn from each other.

This years DojoCon saw Community members travelling to Warrington; from Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and the UK to learn new insights and skills to bring back with them to their local areas.

Who will host DojoCon 2018?

We are delighted to announce that CoderDojo Kilkenny (Ireland) will host the event in 2018. CoderDojo members from all over the world are invited to visit Kilkenny and experience what this beautiful city has to offer, from hospitality right through to being a hub of technological activity!

Everyone in Kilkenny CoderDojo and throughout the City is so excited to host next year’s DojoCon. We can’t wait to showcase Kilkenny as an amazing place to visit and a location bursting with talent in the area. The whole City is on board to make this an event to remember.”

Annette, the Champion of Kilkenny CoderDojo for the last 5 years and a qualified second- level teacher for over 20 years explains how much local support they have to run the event:
We are blessed in CoderDojo Kilkenny that when we run an event everyone gets involved. This event is no exception. When we outlines what was involved in hosting DojoCon volunteers again came forward to offer help in whatever way possible. We also have supporters and sponsors who have assisted us in various ways over the years. They are the main reasons I thought we could organise DojoCon if given the chance”.

One of volunteers who stepped up to Coordinate the event is Margaret Ahearne. As DojoCon Coordinator she is in charge of overseeing next year’s event. Maggie has worked in tech for over 15 years; working for Expedia for the last 7 years both in Ireland and Canada. She has been involved in women leadership and mentorship programs for the last 6 years. She Mentors the HTML stream at the Dojo in Kilkenny.

In addition the DojoCon planning team consists of an amazing group of area leads who will be supported by others involved in the Dojo and local area. Even the Dojos attendees want to help out! “Our ninjas were so excited when they heard we are hosting the conference – they all want to be part of it

What can we expect at DojoCon 2018?

DojoCon 2018 will utilize both workshops and talks to cover a variety of topics including animation, special effects, building technology for people with disabilities, A/B website testing, computer games, robotics, data security, virtual reality and much, much more.

Photo of Kilkenny Dojo in action

There will be a strong focus on diversity, with the organisers aiming that 50% of workshop hosts and speakers will be women. Attendees will also be invited to see the work Kilkenny is doing to become a smart city, and welcome technical professionals to see the opportunity to grow their careers and businesses in the tech sector in this region.
Furthermore, there will be separate events for visiting Ninjas, where they can work together on fun projects.


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