Get involved in our December 2nd Hackathon!

Last July we ran our first Content Hackathon, which focused on translating our learning resources and materials from English into other languages. It was a 24 hour effort, giving everyone a chance to participate for a few hours no matter where they were and involved CoderDojo Community members from all over the world. It was a great success, with opportunities for us to learn and improve on it. You can read more about what we produced and what we learned here.

(p.s. This is the blog I refer to in the video!)

The next Content Hackathon will be taking place on Saturday the 2nd of December. This time we aim to translate learning resources as well as getting more people interested in creating new content involved.


We’re happy to work on translating any of our content into any language, but based on the number of Dojos and where we’re anticipating growth, we’re particularly interested in translating to:

  • French
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Spanish

New Content

As for creating new content, we’d love to take this opportunity to have you either share content ideas that have worked in your Dojo in the past with the wider community, or to work on something from our never-ending to-do list. Here’s a few ideas that might be of interest:

  • Ruby: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced
  • Python: Advanced
  • Specific JS Libraries: jQuery, others?
  • HTML/CSS: Bootstrap, Font Awesome
  • CSS tricks/libraries: Less/Saas, Animation libraries
  • Challenge Cards: Various
  • Arduino: Intermediate / Advanced

How can I get involved?

As Community members will be participating from around the world we have a few platforms and tools we will be using so that everyone participating can stay in touch and easily choose, work on and complete translations and create awesome learning resources for young people in Dojos worldwide.

To make things easier ahead of the event itself you can sign up to each of these platforms in advance and start talking to others participating. Below is a list of steps to help you get started:

    • Sign up for GitHub
      You won’t actually need to use GitHub, but a GitHub account will be needed to sign into some of the tools you will use. You can sign up here. If you already have a GitHub account you can obviously just use that!
    • Create a GitBook account
      Sign up for a GitBook account here. You can, and should, use your GitHub account to sign up and sign in to GitBook. We’ll be using it to create and translate Sushi Cards.
    • Join us on Slack
      Sign up to the CoderDojo Global Slack and join the #content-hackathon channel. We’ll be using this to connect and communicate in advance of and during the hackathon.
    • Listen to the pre-hackathon call
      On Monday 27 November, Philip held a call for those participating in the upcoming content translation and creation hackathon on 2 December, where he explained how you can assign yourself and others tasks, see it here.
    • Pick your first task 
      Check out this task board to see in advance what tasks will be available, comment on them and even assign yourself to your first task. Again, you can sign in with your GitHub account.
    • Bookmark this blog post
      This post will be a living document, where I’ll be making updates, linking to resources, posting tutorial videos and answers to questions, etc. in the weeks leading up to the hackathon.

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