3 resources to get in the Halloween spirit!

Happy Halloween! Why not celebrate this ghostly holiday by making some spook-tastic coding projects at your Dojo? Below are a selection of resources you can use. Feel free to adapt these and encourage Ninjas to come up with their own ghastly creations!


Scratch Ghosts and Ghouls Game

This Sushi Card designed by Wilmslow Dojo shows you how to make a game where you have to catch the ghost….. but watch out! Don’t let the ghoul catch you first!

See the resources for this game here!


Code a Wearable Pumpkin!

These Intermediate level wearable Sushi Cards show you how to use an Adafruit Flora or Gemma to program neopixel sewable LEDs. It shows you step by step how to program them to change colours and change patterns. For the halloween version we cut up orange and green felt to make a pumpkin which we stitched over the neopixels!

See how to program a wearable pumpkin here!

Python Monster Name Mash-Up!

In this project you’ll be making a random monster generator. It’ll create a list of original monster names from parts you put into it! Who knows, maybe one will inspire your Halloween costume!

This project is aimed at Ninjas who have tried python before, although those with limited python experience will be to be able to follow the instructions and hints are provided.

Start Mashing up Monster names here!

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