Join the Europe Code Week 2017 ?? celebration ? !

The Europe Code Week celebration is here! During the month of October, millions of children, young people, adults, parents and teachers will come together at events, in classrooms and libraries across Europe to learn to create with code! EU Code Week is a grass-roots movement run by volunteers who promote coding in their countries, as Code Week Ambassadors. Each year more than half a million people participate in with coding events in countries in Europe and beyond.

Join the celebration and register your next Dojo event!

Each year the CoderDojo movement has been involved in Code Week, you can help us show the impact that the community is having addressing the digital skills gap by registering your Dojo sessions as EU Code Week sessions!

Register here.

How your Dojo can get involved:

  • Coderdojo Ninjas can participate in coding events and organise their own events to show others how you create with code.
  • Dojos can organise workshops in local schools, hack spaces or community centres and register them on the site
  • CoderDojo Champions & Mentors can register their next Dojo session and take part in CodeWeek.
  • Parents can encourage their kids to participate in a coding workshop

So, join the celebration and register your Dojo today and get on the Code Week map!


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