Launching the 2017-18 European Astro Pi Challenge!

Astro Pi is an annual science and coding competition where school-age youths code is run on the International Space Station! We want to inspire as many Ninjas as possible to further their interests in space science with code! The challenge is open to CoderDojo clubs and schools in all ESA member countries (most of Europe) including Canada and Slovenia.

Some Dojos have already gotten involved, including Neffies Dojo in France, so why not get your code into space?

Two missions are available;

Mission Zero (submission closes on 26 November)

  • A non-competitive mission for young people no older than 14 in groups of 2–4.
  • Write a simple Python program that shows your message and the temperature.
  • Your code is guaranteed to run in space for 30 seconds.

Mission Space Lab (registration closes on 29 October)

  • A scientific mission for young people no older than 19 in groups of 2–6.
  • Design an experiment, receive free computer hardware to work with, and write the Python code to carry it out.
  • Your code could be uploaded to the International Space Station and run for three hours (two orbits).

This year’s competition has just opened, go to to choose your mission!

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Is your Dojo not in an ESA member country? Don’t worry, Ninjas outside of ESA can team up with other Dojos in member countries to enter, as long as the teams are 50% or more ESA participants. For example, teams that enter the Mission Space Lab project can have up to 3 Ninjas from countries who are not ESA members in a team of 6.

In order to be eligible all teams, including those with non-ESA team members need to register the team from the ESA member country.

Want to find a Dojo from an ESA member country to join with? Ask on this forum thread!

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