Pioneers: Only You Can Save Us

CoderDojo Ninjas aged 11-16 in the UK and Republic of Ireland!
We just received this message through our network — have you seen it?



We have no choice – we must help her! If things are as bad as she says they are, our only hope of survival is to work together.

We know you have the skills & imagination to make something. You have until 1 December to use your Dojo sessions to save the world and win some cool stuff. We’ve seen the awesome projects you’ve made at your Dojo already, that’s why we’re coming directly to you with this: we know you won’t let her down.


We’ve watched back through the recording and pulled out as much information as we can:

  • To save us, you have ten weeks to create something using tech. This means you need to be done on 1 December, or it will be too late!
  • The build you will create needs to help her in the treacherous situation she’s in. What you decide to make is completely up to you.
  • Her call is for those of you aged between 11 and 16 who are based in the UK or Republic of Ireland. You need to work in groups of up to five, and you need to find someone aged 18 or over to act as a mentor and support your project.
  • Any tech will do. We work with the Raspberry Pi Foundation, but this doesn’t mean you need to use a Raspberry Pi. Use anything at all — from microcontrollers to repurposed devices such as laptops and cameras.
  • To keep in contact with you, it looks like she’s created a form for you to fill in and share your team name and details with her. Once you have created your team at your Dojo, fill out the form. In return she will trade some items with you — things that will help inspire you in your mission.

In order to help her (and any others who might still be out there!) to recreate your project, you need to make sure you record your working process. Take photos and footage to document how you build your make, and put together a video to send to her when you’re done making.

If you manage to access social media, you could also share your progress as you go along! Make sure to use #MakeYourIdeas, so that other survivors can see your work.

We’ve assembled some more information on the Pioneers website to create a port of call for you. Check it out, and let us know if you have any questions. We will do whatever we can to help you protect the world.

Good luck Ninjas! It’s up to you now.

Only you can save us.

Need some help getting started? Check out this starter activity and these worksheets to help!

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