Two useful Dojo guides to keep yourself and your children safe online

As a mum of two in the year 2017, I noticed my children hanging out a lot more online than they do outside. Although I try to combat this with playdates, days out or simple family walks the truth is my kids enjoy playing online as much as they enjoy the outdoors.

The internet is a wonderful, educational tool. There is a wealth of information available help children with school projects. There are handy “how to” video tutorials to help them make “slime” from shaving foam and borax (which is very popular in our house right now)! And other resources to assist in many aspects of modern life. All of this information is right at their fingertips.

However, with the introduction of Kids YouTube and the rising popularity of apps like Musicly and Roblox one can never be too careful when it comes to online safety. At CoderDojo, my daughter and I regularly chat about cool new apps and technologies that are available. I am engaged in her life online more than I ever was before. I know what tools she uses and how they work, primarily through talking to other parents and mentors at the Dojo.

I feel more discussion is needed to educate and empower parents to take charge of checking in on their kids online activities, there is no reason that parents can’t learn to “hang out” online where their kids are.

Simplifying Online Safety for Parents

There are two guides in particular that I find really help to simplify “Online Safety” for both me, my husband and our kids.

The first is this very short 2 page guide for Ninjas full of top tips on passwords, personal information sharing, social media best practises and viruses. I actually printed this one out and stuck it on the wall above my kids desk. It’s handy to glance at when creating online profiles among other things.

The second guide I love is very similar, but it’s for parents. I find that even as an adult who has more than a few years experience working online, sharing data, having Twitter chats and ordering my weekly food shopping online this guide is great as a reminder to never be too careful in what information I share and what I probably should think about keeping private.


For more resources and advice see our #BackToDojo forum post.

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