Community Content Release: A-Maze-ing Scratch Tips

Scratch continues to be one of the most popular choices for Ninjas to learn to code.

This fine collection of resources will give you loads of Scratch skills to add to your tool belt, all thanks to the dedicated volunteers of CoderDojo.


Maze Game & Blocks Cheat Sheet

Make a maze in Scratch and learn about the blocks that are useful for making games with this handy one-page guide by CoderDojo Dun Laoghaire! It shows you what blocks you’ll need for what bits of any game.



Coding Logic

Warren Gill, a mentor at the Quarryvale @ Dublin Dojo, really gets you thinking about how code works with his pseudo-code for eating a bowl of cereal! Pseudo-code a way of writing that’s sort-of code and sort-of English (or your own language!). It helps you sketch out an idea without having to get the code perfect.

By describing an everyday activity in this way it helps you to think like a coder and break a project down into small steps before trying to tackle the code.

As an added bonus, apply your newfound knowledge to building the real code in Scratch!


Scratch Wasabi

Two youth mentors at the Wilmslow CoderDojo, known online as @ginglexia, created these visual cards with accessibility in mind. Using less words and more pictures, each card is one “ingredient” of a Scratch game. Pick and choose the ingredients you need to cook up just about any game you can dream up.

There are a few formats to choose from: you can download the whole collection as one file or print out individual cards as needed. There’s even a specially designed set for printing and turning into a deck of pocket-sized cards!


Want to contribute?

If this has inspired you to share some content that you’ve made, feel free to send it to me via email to [email protected] or post it in the forums. I’d love to hear from you!

Keep an eye out for more highlights as content is collected and published.


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