Community Content Release: Hardware

The quest for community created content continues. This time I’ve got some resources for the hardware enthusiasts out there!


Arduino LED Sushi

Become the LED Master with this set of challenges created by Liam Friel of CoderDojo Bray! You’ll have fun playing with LEDs as you learn how to control them with code on your Arduino. The challenges start off small with Arduino’s built-in LED and progress to creating fancy light shows with your own LED circuits on a breadboard.


Python with Micro:bit

David Briddock created these Sushi style handouts  for the Wilmslow CoderDojo. It introduces you to Python programming on a BBC Micro:bit. You can either use an online code editor, and download your code to the Micro:bit, or install the free Mu app on your PC or Raspberry Pi. Once you get going you can program lots of cool things such as a compass or a virtual dice shaker!




Make a Mobot

Did you know you can link up a Kinect to Scratch?

If you have a Kinect controller handy then you’ll love this workshop by the wonderful team at CoderDojo Scotland. Build a game in Scratch where you are the controller: Scratch detects your movements through the Kinect and you program it to recognise your moves!

Created by Daniel McCafferty, Claire Quigley and Craig Steele




Got something to contribute?

If this has inspired you to share some content that you’ve made, feel free to send it to me via email to [email protected] or post it in the forums. I’d love to hear from you!



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