Minutes of the CoderDojo Community Call on August 8th

Did you miss out on our latest Open Community Call, on August 8th, facilitated by the CoderDojo Foundation? Don’t worry you can listen to call and see the resources that were mentioned below! The open call was chaired by Pete O’Shea, from the CoderDojo Foundation. On the open call, we focused on the below discussion points;

Thanks to everyone who joined from , asked questions and shared their insights!


  • Richard on running a Raspberry Pi Dojo (Coderdojo Zoetermeer in the Netherlands)
  • Pete gives general CoderDojo update on growth, size and impact of the movement
  • Community update: Executive Director, Giustina, on the merger with the Raspberry Pi Foundation
  • Guillaume from the CoderDojo Foundation gave an update on recent updates to Zen.
  • Opened up to questions and feedback on the platform, questions from Richard & forum
  • Richard asks about applications to speak at DojoCon
  • Christian B. of Criel Dojo, France, asks about applying for bursaries for EU Dojo
  • Pavlo of Waterloo Dojo, Belgium discussed belts, badges and recognition
  • Nicco from CoderDojo Potsdam, Germany discussed using badges to encourage youth mentors
  • Malvina asks “what other Dojos do to foster creativity amongst the Ninjas”
  • Discussion on encouraging girls in Dojos
  • John O. (runs a Dojo in Nigeria), Thomas (Ninja) and Christian B. of Criel Dojo, France, discuss their Dojo.

Links shared on live chat during the call:

  • Code Club resources that Giustina mentioned, you can check them out here.
  • This blog with the form to apply to attend EU Dojo in the European Parliament
  • Find out more about bursaries to the CoderDojo Conference, DojoCon here.
  • Link to DojoCon, scroll down to see the list of workshops on offer this year
  • Pavlo of CoderDojo BE, highlighting criteria for their belts: http://waterloo.coderdojobelgium.be/belts
  • Here is the blog Pete mentions when talking about creating physical badges from our digital badges.
  • Nuala mentions Brainstorming guide as a way to encourage creativity and ninjas to come up with their own project ideas, linked in this #BackToDojo forum thread.
  • Pavlo notes “FLORA is a nice board to make digital wearables www.adafruit.com/product/659″
  • Game Design Sushi Card mentioned to Malvina.
  • This Forum post was highlighted for any additional feedback on girls and girls events.

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