Apply for a Travel Bursary to DojoCon 2017!

DojoCon is the annual global CoderDojo conference for all those volunteers involved in Dojos worldwide. The annual event is a fantastic opportunity to connect with other generous and experienced people who are a the core of the movement. At the DojoCon conference, ideas are shared through panel discussions and workshops to develop new ways to inspire and engage at your local Dojo. This years event promises to be the most hands on DojoCon yet, with a mission “to ensure that every attendee leaves with at least one thing they can use in their Dojo back home”.

Would you like to attend DojoCon 2017,

but can’t afford to make the trip?

We are opening a travel bursary for members of the CoderDojo community!
This years event will run over three days; from Friday evening the 13th of October, through a jam-pack day of sessions and workshops on Saturday, culminating to a MegaDojo on Sunday 15th, all at the Beamont Collegiate Academy, Warrington WA2 8PX, UK. Workshops will focus on digital making, hardware and design. For more information see the DojoCon website here.

Bursary applications are open for a limited time only. Bursaries are designed to help with the cost of flights and accommodation for CoderDojo volunteers to travel to Warrington, UK for DojoCon 2017 but will not cover the full costs of travelling due to limited budget. Apply before Sunday the 3rd of September 2017 below!




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