Community Content Release: Scratch Arcade!

Being an open source movement, CoderDojo does not define any curriculum or fixed set of learning resources. This means Dojos are free to choose–and create– materials as they see fit.

Many of you are indeed creating wonderful resources for your Dojos! By sharing them with the wider community, your efforts can benefit not only Ninjas in your Dojo but potentially many others around the world, and in turn you can save time and energy by using materials created by other community members.

Here is a selection of tutorials to make arcade-style games in Scratch, created by volunteers in the CoderDojo community!



This tutorial originally created by the Clonakilty Dojo shows you how to make your very own pacman-style game in Scratch, complete with an animated chomping mouth.

Another version by the Athlone Dojo shows you that there are always many ways to solve a problem. What other behaviours will you add to your game?


Flappy Bird

Many people will have played this very popular game when it hit the app stores in recent years, but did you know that you can recreate the experience in Scratch using a few simple concepts?

CoderDojo Dun Laoghaire created a step-by-step guide to help you do just that.



Another classic, brought to you by CoderDojo Dun Laoghaire. Create a Scratch version of one of the first ever computer games!


Want to contribute?

If this has inspired you to share some content that you’ve made, feel free to send it to me via email to [email protected] or post it in the forums. I’d love to hear from you!

Keep an eye out for more highlights as content is collected and published.


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