Launching Eventbrite Integration on the CoderDojo Community Platform

The CoderDojo Community Platform (Zen) enables Champions, Co-Champions and those with Dojo Admin rights the ability to create ticketed events. However, some Dojos already use Eventbrite for helping them organise and manage their Dojo events and we want to make sure parents and young people can find and book into all events easily.

Does your Dojo currently use Eventbrite for their events?

If your Dojo is one of these you can now integrate your Dojo events created on Eventbrite with their Dojo page on the CoderDojo Community Platform! You still manage events directly on Eventbrite but people using the Community Platform and map search will now be able to see your Dojo events on your Dojo Page and it will direct them to book tickets on Eventbrite.


Why Should you connect your Dojo’s Eventbrite with the Zen Platform?

  • Visibility: Parents and young people who come to our website can find your Dojo and book a ticket quickly and easily.
  • Impact measurement: The Foundation will be able to measure and report the impact of the global community!
  • It’s really easy! (see how easy below 😀 )


How do I connect my Dojo’s Eventbrite with my Dojo Page?


To connect your Dojo (as illustrated in the video above):

  • Log in,
  • Click on your name on the top right,
  • click “My Dojos” in the drop down.
  • Select your Dojo that you want to connect.
  • Click “Edit” on the bottom right,
  • scroll down to the “Contact” selection
  • click “Connect” beside Eventbrite so all your events will be visible on your Dojo page!



In particular we would like to say well done to Guillaume, one of our Software Developers who works on the CoderDojo Community Platform, for all his work on the integration.

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