Celebrate CoderDojo’s 6th Birthday with a watermarked profile image!

We are super excited that the anniversary of the first ever CoderDojo session is just around the corner (on this Sunday, July 23rd)! Sriram, a mentor at Coimbatore Dojo, India was so trilled about our upcoming 6th Birthday that he decided to develop a watermark for your social media and other profile pictures, so all our Community can show their excitement about CoderDojo’s Birthday to the world!

How can I get a Birthday Watermark on my profile?

  1. Visit the website Sriram made here. It is a Dp generator that watermarks your picture.
  2. Click on “Select Profile Pic” button
  3. Select your picture and click “Open”
  4. Click the Download button to download your photo with CoderDojo Birthday Watermark.
  5. Upload your new awesome CoderDojo birthday Image to your social media profiles and tag @CoderDojo in any watermark pictures on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll share them as a collage on the 23rd on our forums!


Thanks again to Sriram from Coimbatore Dojo in TamilNadu State, India for sharing this tool with the Global community. Sriram (who turns 21 on the same day as CoderDojo’s Birthday!) is currently in his 4th year of a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and Engineering. Sriram told us how he came to know about CoderDojo during his first year in College.

I am one of the founding team members of CoderDojo Coimbatore. When I joined college I did not know all about computers. While studying at college I learned many things, so that I could write some executable codes on computers. I am an Open Source Enthusiast and Love to use Linux OS. I also contribute to other Communities like Mozilla TamilNadu and Google Developer Group Madurai.

I don’t want my loveable brothers and sisters in this world to struggle to learn about Computers, so I joined CoderDojo. I have mentored nearly 10 kids. I have taught all the things I have learnt to them. It gives me a great feeling. Happy to be a part of CoderDojo!

Happy Birthday CoderDojo (and Sriram!) and Happy Coding!!

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