How to join our Content Hackathon on July 15th

On July 15th we will be holding our first virtual content hackathon. The event will last 24 hours, to give everyone a chance to participate for a few hours no matter where they are. The goal is the creation of new educational content, as well as the translation of existing content. If the event proves to be successful, I’ll try to run a series of them throughout the year to increase the volume and accessibility of content available on the CoderDojo website.


We’re happy to work on translating any of our content into any language, but based on the number of Dojos and where we’re anticipating growth, we’re particularly interested in translating to:

  • French
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Spanish

New Content

As for creating new content, we’d love to take this opportunity to have you either share content ideas that have worked in your Dojo in the past with the wider community, or to work on something from our never-ending to-do list. Here’s a few ideas that might be of interest:

  • Ruby: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced
  • Python: Intermediate (rewrite) / Advanced
  • Specific JS Libraries: jQuery, others?
  • HTML/CSS: Bootstrap, Font Awesome
  • CSS tricks/libraries: Less/Saas, Animation libraries
  • Challenge Cards—Various
  • Raspberry Pi: Intermediate / Advanced
  • Arduino: Intermediate / Advanced

How to get involved

If you’re interested in getting involved please fill in the form. You can add any suggestions for other content topics we might want to consider in this thread on the forums.

Join our Hackathon on July 15th!


Questions / Feedback?

Email me ([email protected]) and I’ll get back to you!

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