Minutes of the CoderDojo Community Call on May 23rd

Hi everyone in the community! Below is the recording of the third Open Community Call of 2017, facilitated by the CoderDojo Foundation. Thanks to everyone who joined, asked questions and shared their insights! You can listen to the recording of the call and see links shared below.

The open call was facilitated and chaired by Ross O’Neill, Philip Harney and Pete O’Shea from the CoderDojo Foundation using Join.me. On the open call, we focused on the below discussion points; 

Latest Resources & Future Content
Digital Badge and Rewarding Ninjas
Community Update
Feedback and Additional Topics

Links shared on live chat during the call

  • Karen Wellington from CoderDojo WA shared about DojoCon AU , noting that “Anyone who wants to get involved please complete the form on that page”
  • Nuala from the CoderDojo Foundation shared this link showing how Dojo members can make digital badges into physical badges at their Dojo!
  • This link to two posters (Scratch & HTML/CSS) that people can stick up in their Dojo to highlight the badge criteria to ninjas to aim towards
  • Our blog on the benefits of rewarding (and badges in particular) was also highlighted, which you can read here.
  • We then went on to talk about some of our latest releases in relation to online safety & recommended practices for Dojos. Our blog post during April has the links to the four main online safety & recommended practice documents we released over the month.
  • Karen also shared the link to the CoderDojo Global slack:
  • Natalie Price from CoderDojo Scotland shared the awesome CoderDojo Ghost mascot (see below) that they use to make their website and content more fun and engaging [I <3 it btw!]
  • and we talked about this fun site-which simulates microbits, adafruit floras and more & uses block code to teach JavaScript while discussing ways you can keep kids engaged who are very capable at scratch and how to move them on to other languages/activities etc.

The 4th Open Community Call will be facilitated in late July/early August at an EMEA suited time. Got any ideas for what you’d like to hear about on the next community call? Just let us know!

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