DojoCon 2018 Expression of Interest Form

DojoCon is is the annual global CoderDojo conference for the community of volunteers presents a fantastic opportunity to connect the generous and kind people who are a the core of the movement and to further develop how CoderDojo operates worldwide. At the DojoCon event, ideas are shared both from within the movement and from industry leaders through keynote talks and through workshops to develop new ways to inspire at CoderDojo.

Bring DojoCon 2018 to your community of Dojos!

By filling out our Google Form you are expressing your interest in hosting DojoCon 2018 the CoderDojo mentors conference.  Only CoderDojo Champions or Lead Mentors should fill out this form on behalf of their Dojo. Did you know that currently 58% of verified/active Dojos are based in Europe? To make this global event as accessible as possible to the majority of the Global community, therefore for 2018, the only Dojos that will be considered will be Dojos based in Europe including Ireland and the UK.

Find out more about this years DojoCon which is being held in Warrington on October 13th-15th here.

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