Our 5 latest improvements to the Community Platform!

Software Engineers, Daniel and Guillaume, and Content Lead Philip have made some awesome design and feature improvements to the Community Platform recently including:

1. New “My Dojos” page design

The new layout (see left) makes creating events, viewing & managing your members, editing your Dojo profile and finding resources easier for Champions, Co-Champions & Dojo Admins.

2. New “Contact Dojo Members” functionality

Champions, Co-Champions & Dojo Admins can now email the members of their Dojo(s) (or filter so that you only email a specific group eg. mentors) from within the platform. Find out more about this really useful feature here.

3. New “My Children” page design

Makes it easier for parents to add their children to the platform (see how here). It shows the Dojos your child is a member of, and the recent badges they’ve been awarded. You can also manage what Dojos your child is a member of. We want to expand this with more information that you want to see, so Parents please give us your feedback over on our forums.

4. Growing our Help Centre

Last week we quietly added a link to our new help centre to the bottom of every page on our website. This new section of the site contains a growing collection of articles, common questions and issues community members contact us with. Our goal is to eventually have every common issue and its solution listed there so you can find the answers you need immediately.

alt text

5. Check a badges criteria functionality

You can now see the criteria Dojo attendees should meet for a badge by clicking on the specific badge prior to awarding it (as you can see from my nifty gif) on the Badges page here!


You can hear Daniel talk about some of these updates at a recent mentor meet up here.

How can you give feedback?

If you have any feedback on these new updates and features be sure to let us know on the community forums here. If there is a specific feature you think it would be great to have, or any other ideas for improving the platform let us know!


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