How Badges benefit your child

Digital badges are becoming a popular way to acknowledge digital skills achieved by attendees at Dojos. They are almost like a Scout’s badge which are awarded once someone reaches a certain level or learns a particular skill except they are digital!

How are CoderDojo Badges useful?

CoderDojo digital badges allow youths to:

  • verify their programming skills
  • highlight event participation
  • showcase their skills for employment or education

They are a great method of validating digital and other skills which aren’t always very visible.


How you can Join your Dojo to get Badges

How can I get Badges for my child?

  • If your youth is under 13 you will need to Join your Dojo on our website, and add your children to your account (see video above)
  • If your youth is over 13 and has their own email address they can join their Dojo and register their own account on our site.
  • Registered youths are automatically awarded attendance badges when they book a ticket and are checked in to a Dojo event on the Community Platform
  • Dojo Champions and those with Dojo Admin rights can also award badges for programming skills as well as soft skills and event participation.

See recent Badges your Children were awarded!

In the dropdown beside your name on the top right, you can select the new “My Children” tab to view all your children’s recently awarded badges and the Dojos they are a member of.

If your Dojo Champion has not yet started to award digital badges, why not ask them about it at your next Dojo?


Can Adults Earn Badges?

Yes! Adults can also be awarded badges for:


You can see all the Official CoderDojo badges available on the CoderDojo Platform here. These have clear instructions so that mentors and parents can help CoderDojo Ninjas acquire badges once they have completed a specific task.

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Kim says

Hi there - Looks like you are doing some cool stuff with badging! That is great to see. You have a really nice badge system set up that looks engaging and motivating. Just wondering if you have considered using Open Badges for your program(s)? They seem like they would be a great fit and could also serve to promote CoderDojo with Dojo badges appearing all over the web. Keep up the good work!

James Savage says

Regarding Digital Badges.
How do you register as a dojo champion so that you can award digital badges.?
I am a mentor in a Dojo in Ireland and we want to start introducing badges.

Nuala McHale says

Hi James,
The Champion is the person who started the Dojo. You can ask them to change your Dojo rights on the platform so that you have Dojo admin rights. This means you will be able to award digital badges to ninjas of your Dojo who are registered on the platform :)

Nuala McHale says

Hi Kim,
Thanks for your support, We are using open Badges already ?