Lights On with Wearables Sushi

Greetings everybody!

I’m Ciara, and new to the Content Team. I come from a background in Software Development and I mentor at my local Dojo where I am constantly being inspired by Ninjas of all ages. Since joining the team I have been diving into the exciting field of Wearable Technology and I am pleased to present to you our new set of Sushi Cards on Wearables!

What actually is Wearable Technology?

As the name suggests, it’s technology that you can wear on your person. This can be any kind of electrical gadgetry at all, from smart watches to music players embedded in your bag to a tuxedo covered in colourful flashing LED lights.

These Sushi Cards introduce the topic with a simple but impressive wearable circuit in the form of a badge that lights up. Not only will Ninjas learn about circuits but they will get to do some sewing as well!

In line with the CoderDojo Girls Initiative, the series aims to inspire girls in particular to get creative combining fashion and technology in new ways. I hope you enjoy the cards as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them! If you’ve any feedback or ideas for additional content on wearable technology let me know on our forums here.

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