Online Safety for Parents

As part of our earlier release of these Online Safety for Ninjas, this week we’re also releasing a similar two-page document for parents/guardians of Ninjas who want to know how to practice good online safety themselves and help their children do so too.

Read the guide here!

More than the Ninja document did, this one focuses on general concepts and advice. The internet is big and ever-changing, so keeping up with it is something that requires some active work from parents. Be aware of what your children are doing online, help them do it safely, talk to them about it and teach them to treat others well is about the gist of it.

Since I’m not a parent myself, this time I really want the feedback, tips etc. in the forums or here in the comments. Are there questions you have that aren’t answered here? Things we should have included that we didn’t? Let me know!

See all the resources and tips we’ve provided so far as part of #BackToDojo here.

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