New focus for Content Strategy

Today, having conducted an exhaustive review of technical alternatives and educational literature I am announcing a redirection of our educational content efforts into a language I believe is uniquely suited for our purposes, due to its ease of comprehension, breadth of support and cuteness density.

As a result, I intend to focus exclusively in the coming quarter on the production of content and tooling to support LOLCODE (I would have chosen BunCode for the higher cuteness density, but it’s still in alpha and has issues with runaway object duplication) as our primary and recommended introduction to computer programming, for learners of all ages.

The first Sushi Cards on the subject are available here and, as ever, I’d appreciate your feedback in the forums, by Twitter, or attached to various adorable homing kittens.

If you want to learn more LOLCODE, check out these resources:

[Happy April Fools Day from the CoderDojo Foundation!]

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