Apply to receive Micro:bits for your Dojo! (UK)

Through the CoderDojo partnership with the Micro:bit Foundation, we are happy to now open applications for you to get Micro:bit kits for your Dojo!

Currently this offer is limited to those Dojo’s in England, Wales or Northern Ireland (who are registered on the CoderDojo Community platform). We are hoping to work up an offer for Dojos beyond these countries at a later date! Dojo’s in Scotland can contact the CoderDojo Scotland team directly to arrange if you haven’t already received your Micro:bits.

We will be distributing Micro:bits via our friends at Pimorni and in batches of 10 devices per Dojo.

This initial round of applications will close on Friday 31st March 2017 @ 23:59pm (GMT).

Successful applicants will get a kit containing 10 Micro:bits, 10 USB leads (to connect the Micro:bit to a computer) and 10 battery packs (batteries not included).

Once you’ve received a kit, check out the great range of resources at to get inspired with ideas, access the many different code editors, and get your ninjas started …

Apply here!

Criteria for applying:

1. Applications must be made on behalf of a Dojo and not an individual.
2. This offer is currently ONLY AVAILABLE to Dojo’s in ENGLAND, WALES, OR NORTHERN IRELAND (we’re working on an offer for the rest of you out there!).
3. Each Dojo can only apply once. Micro:bits will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
4. All Dojos who apply have to be verified and registered on Zen, the CoderDojo Community Platform.
5. 10 kits will be shipped per Dojo (each kit comprises a micro:bit unit, battery pack and USB lead – batteries are not included).
6. Applications will close on 31st March 2017 @ 12:00 midnight (GMT).
7. Micro:bits will then be shipped during April 2017.
8. Please make sure ALL details in the application form below are filled in correctly, if they are incorrect you may not receive your Micro:bits.
9. Your Dojo must be operating on an entirely voluntary and “free to attend” basis, and in accordance with the CoderDojo Foundation Charter which you adopted when verifying your Dojo. By completing the form you are confirming that there is no commercial or financial interest whatsoever in relation to your Dojo within England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

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