Beginner App Inventor Sushi Cards

Hi everyone! As part of the CoderDojo Girls Initiative we are focusing on content creation as one of the ways of attracting and retaining girls in Dojos globally. We noticed that a significantly higher proportion of girls entered the App category in Coolest Projects compared to other categories. With this in mind I created these mobile app development Sushi Cards.

These cards use App Inventor, which is a pretty straightforward tool for creating mobile apps. They walk the Ninja through building a quiz app where they can add as many questions as they like, keep score and then tell the player how they did. You don’t need an Android device to build or test an app (you can install an emulator) but Ninjas may need some help from Mentors in getting such devices, or the emulator, setup.

There’s also lots of scope for the Ninja to explore App Inventor and figure out how to do things like add images to the quiz, or re-build the quiz into an interactive branching story or an informational app. ai-beginner-badge-1

As ever, I look forward to hearing your feedback in the forums!

If you already have youths at your Dojo who have created apps with App Inventor, check out our App inventor digital badges!


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