Supporting CoderDojo Girls: A Guide for Parents & Guardians

This month we launched our CoderDojo Girls initiative. Our aim is to increase the global % of girls attending Dojos from 29% to at least 40% over the next three years. Many parents and guardians are taking steps to support their daughters to develop technical skills. We want to help them and others, who aren’t sure why it is important for girls to learn code, to join the movement to reach gender parity!

In this guide we highlight why it is important for girls to learn code, what your daughter will learn at a Dojo and how to support their learning journey.

You can download and print the pdf version of this guide here.

Share your thoughts/Ideas

Found this guide useful or have ideas about ways parents and others can support CoderDojo Girls? Share your thoughts with the CoderDojo community on our girls forum group, where we will be discussing how to engage girls of all ages.

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