Supporting CoderDojo Girls: A Guide for Parents & Guardians

This month we launched our CoderDojo Girls initiative. Our aim is to increase the global % of girls attending Dojos from 29% to at least 40% over the next three years. Many parents and guardians are taking steps to support their daughters to develop technical skills. We want to help them and others, who aren’t sure why it is important for girls to learn code, to join the movement to reach gender parity!

In this guide we highlight why it is important for girls to learn code, what your daughter will learn at a Dojo and how to support their learning journey.

You can download and print the pdf version of this guide here.

Share your thoughts/Ideas

Found this guide useful or have ideas about ways parents and others can support CoderDojo Girls? Share your thoughts with the CoderDojo community on our girls forum group, where we will be discussing how to engage girls of all ages.

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Rachel van der Spank says

That is just the problem with activities outside the school. I myself am raised to stay away from technical things like tools, meccano. I didnt know it existed or I didn' t know that you could built something from lego (my parents put it together and it was supposed to stay like that). At 11 my mother finally bought me a computer, an Amiga. It was the best and only present I ever got (besides girl things, also from friends)! I never met anyone who knew anything about the computer, so I was frustrated... At 15 I bought german magazines to learn, but I really missed other friends that could help me program. The only people I met at 15 were boys who only played games. I was frustrated with electronical things too. F.i. I wanted to know how to make a lamp bulb light ( there were power shutdowns in our house). When I was 17 I wanted to go study informatics but my father said there is no work in that. So I did sonething with technic and people. After that technical university,, but there still is a wide gap between me and children (boys) who are stimulated by their parents. Specially my 3d insight is bad!

Rachel Schoene says

Hey Rachel,

Thanks for sharing such an honest comment. The hunger you had to learn about technology is so inspiring! It would be great to hear more about your learning journey, perhaps you would like to share it on the Girls Forum or in a featured blog post on our news feed to inspire other young women & girls persevere in their interests. If you'd like to share your story further, email me [email protected]


Rachel Schoene