The 5 Future Makers Awards Finalists (10-13 year old category)!

During Europe Code Week 2016, the Future Makers Awards invited youngsters between 10-17 years old to ‘make the future’ and use their coding superpowers to bring about a positive social impact and change in their communities.

The response and quality of projects we received from young people around the world was amazing! Well done to all who entered! We received applications from 13 countries including: Belgium, Bulgaria, Cameroon, China , Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Uganda, USA and UK.

The projects were judged on their technological & coding complexity, their positive social impact and how innovative they are. After going through all the entries we are delighted to announce, in no particular order,  the 5 finalists in the 10-13 year old age category!

Lili Nazer

Lili is 11 years old and from Hungry. She use Aia App inventor with HTML & Javascript to make her app aimed at enabling quality family time by helping families plan their weekly diaries.

Project Name: Daily Take Me

Description: Families can put in their daily routine of each family member so they know who will do what. For example kids can check the App to see who is picking them up from school or taking them to different activities throughout the day. This app enable parents and children to spend more time together and organize their day better.

Jasper Brezina Conniffee

Jasper is 12 years old and from Ireland. He is involved in his local CoderDojo where he enjoyed building his project to help conserve wildlife. His Smart Bird Feeder was built using 4 cameras around the landing spoke, a tactile button, a Raspberry Pi, a solar panel for power in the day and a battery pack for power during the night, and wifi card to email the photos to EURING.ORG.

Project Name: Smart Bird Feeder

Description: This smart bird box will automatically email EURINGS.ORG the pictures of the birds ringed legs when they stop to get some food and maybe a drink of water. This will help EURINGS gather migration data and study it. Jasper would like to place his bird feeders all across Britain and Ireland as well as France and Spain. He hopes to be a vet when he is older and he is a vegetarian.

Katie Waters

Katie is 11 years old and from Ireland. She developed a daily planner app to help minimise anxiety. The app uses Unity (C# coding language), with the potential to be transferred onto multiple platforms such as iOS, and Android. The schedule will be stored in the JSON file.

Project Name: Daily Planner App

Description: Moving to secondary school was an anxious time for Katie with a new school, new classes and new schedule. Her idea is to combine her class schedule with the campus map to make the transition between classes easier. A pocket on the back of her locker door would hold her smart phone, which will show her the next class, the books she needs and directions to that room. Katie sees further potential developments for the app to help secondary school students that move to university, patience going for a doctor’s appointment, etc.

Giulio Muratori

Giulio, who is 12 years old and from Italy created a game for children with Down Syndrome. He build the game using Scratch as he felt there is a lack of activities available for children with Down Syndrome.

Project Name: Game for children with Down Syndrome

Description: Because there are not many games for children that have Down Syndrome, Giulio developed a simple game where children can learn in a fun way by associating sounds and images.

Andrei Covaci

Andrei is 12 years old and from Romania. He built a CO2 monitor to make classrooms healthier environments for students. His monitor was developed using an Arduino Uno, a CO2 sensor, a bluetooth antenna, and the programming language C/C++ on Arduino platform.

Project Name: CO2 Monitor

Description:In Romania a lot of schools are still not properly equipped to offer the best environment for children to learn. This project is based on the European regulation of the CO2 levels in the classroom that shouldn’t surpass certain levels. This robot monitors the CO2 levels in the classroom and alerts through a text message the teacher when those levels have exceeded the healthy limits. Andrei plans to develop his idea by monitoring other air quality indexes and analyzing this information to check if it has an impact on the efficiency of the students.

Congratulations to all five finalists! Their projects are now being considered by our international panel of judges with the overall winner in each age category being announced at the end of the month.

Feeling inspired & have your own project idea?

You can register your place for this years Coolest Projects Exhibition 2017. The showcase will be held in Dublin, Ireland on June 17th. The Future Makers Award is just one of several Awards youths can win at the showcase, which will also feature interactive exhibits, games and insightful speakers.

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