CoderDojo Open Community Call – January

Couldn’t join our Community Call on January 24th? Listen to it below!

You can view what content we shared on screen during the call above from 13:25!

Overview of the discussion:

Review of CoderDojo Content Pipeline (Philip)

  • Philip Harney our CoderDojo Content Lead gave an update on the Sushi cards that he has been working and an overview on the chopsticks tool.
  • Questions about CoderDojo Chopsticks and the development of Gitbook.
    • Community like this idea

Structure & Future of Content (Philip)

  • Update from Philip
    • UX/UI
    • Appinventor
    • Online safety
    • Ruby
    • Update older content

  • Update on Gitbook
    • Philip detailed the new sushi tool that he has been creating to replace chopsticks
    • LINK:

  • Update on Kata

  • Update on the definition of Mentor
    • Some other names for mentors: Sensi, Guru, Coaches
    • Discussion on Ninjas that are used for content

Community Resources (Ross)

Open to the Floor for Feedback/Additional Topics (all)

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