Launching Volunteer Appreciation Month

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Volunteers are the backbone of the CoderDojo movement. Without their support and efforts CoderDojo simply wouldn’t exist. To celebrate all those who give their time so that young people in their area can learn to be tech creators in a fun and inclusive space we are running Volunteer Appreciation Month.

We want to celebrate all the dedicated CoderDojo volunteers worldwide who give their time to help young people develop skills for the future and make awesome stuff! In 2015, CoderDojo volunteers worldwide gave over 450,000 hours to encourage and inspire young people in their community to learn programming skills.

So Thank you! Or in Binary Code: 01010100 01101000 01100001 01101110 01101011 00100000 01011001 01101111 01110101 😀


Our Volunteers come from all walks of life-Mentoring with CoderDojo lets me inspire the next Generation of coders and tech entrepreneurs-

They’re software engineers, librarians, teachers, farmers, artists, students, parents, entrepreneurs, mechanical engineers, community workers, hobbyists and makers. Volunteers come from all five continents, spanning 65 countries, with a myriad of cultures and belief systems. And yet, fundamentally, they believe in making coding accessible to all young people in a fun, inclusive and social environment.


Know an awesome Dojo Volunteer?

Is there anyone at your Dojo that gives it their all to encourage and support kids that you would like to nominate? We’d love to share your stories and reward those who go above and beyond to make your Dojo awesome for attendees!

Every week during the month of February we will randomly select Dojo volunteers who regularly give their time to inspire youths in their local area and send them out a Volunteer Appreciation Package!


How can you participate?

Tag @CoderDojo (or use #CoderDojoVolApp) on your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn posts about volunteers at your Dojo, telling us why you think they’re awesome! You can also send your stories, videos and photos to [email protected]

What else?

During February we will also be sharing resources to save you time, advice on how to recruit more volunteers for your Dojo and if you’re not yet involved, the multitude of ways you can help. Follow our Forum post to stay up to date here.

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