Beginner PHP Sushi Cards now available

ninja_04We’ve got another new set of Sushi Cards for you, again something that we’ve gotten a few requests for: PHP. It’s one of the most popular languages on the web and is used on websites like Wikipedia and Facebook.

It’s a back-end language, so it needs to be combined with HTML to really do anything in a browser. You don’t need to have completed the HTML Sushi Cards to be able to use these ones. All the basic HTML you’ll need is included in the new PHP series. However, if you already know HTML, you can come up with some cleverer things to do with the code, I’m sure!

You can find the new Beginner PHP Sushi here on our resources site! As ever, I’m hoping to hear from you in the comments or the forums as to how you get on with them!

The cards go through a very similar game to the one from the Beginner Python series, with the player trying to guess a number between 1 and 9. However, as the languages behave a little differently, familiarity with the Python cards won’t quite enable you to fly through these!

On a side note, these Sushi Cards were created with the latest version of our Sushi Card creation tools. They are still not totally ready for release, but once ready, it should offer a much more straight-forward way to create and translate Sushi Cards for anyone who wants to contribute to community resources, or even to make the handouts for their own Dojo look the same as these cards!

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