Why check in attendees?

So you’ve started to use the community platform for ticketing to help manage your Dojo. You’ve created your events and got Ninjas, parents and mentors to book their tickets in advance – what’s next you ask?!

Checking your attendees in – Checking in is important for your Dojo and for your Ninjas!

How do I check in?

Just head to ‘Manage Event’ and tick each attendee who arrives at the Dojo on the day. If you don’t have reliable internet you can even export the list and print it out so you can check people in on paper and do it later on the platform!

Remember for any young people who show up on the day who have not booked use the ‘New applicant’ button to add them and check in – even if it’s after the event. If Ninjas are not yet registered you can prompt their parents to do this during the session using our handy PDF guide (available in Spanish, and Greek), then you can simply check them in after using the New Applicant button!

Get Ninjas automatic badges!

Did you know? There are badges available for attending 1, 5, 10 and 25 Dojos on the platform and these are automatically awarded once you are checked in to an event.

Young people who are checked in will receive this badge straight away and will be informed by email of their achievements!

If anyone reaches the ’25 Dojos’ badge, don’t worry, we will ensure there are some more attendance badges for your Ninjas to proudly display! If you haven’t already make sure you check out all the badges available for attendance, events, coding and transferable skills here.

Keep accurate records for your Dojo!

Using the community platform is a safe and secure way to store attendance records. Keeping attendance records is best practice in all regions and is a necessary step to achieve the CoderDojo recommended practice badge, Tao. For health and safety, insurance or child protection reasons you may be asked for old records to prove who was at the Dojo on any given dates. It is important for you to keep these records up to date to comply with any official requests you may get for these specific issues.

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