A year in the life of a Dojo

We want to help save you some time and effort in running your Dojo. This week, we’re launching #BackToDojo for 2017! I’m going to start us off and talk about what a year in the life of a Dojo using all of the resources, which we will be exploring during the month of January, might look like.

I’ve talked to folks at a few other Dojos—community, corporate and the Foundation’s own Dojo—coupled with my own experiences, figured out a hypothetical Dojo lifecycle. It seems reasonable for most Dojos to run through it 2–3 times a year.

A circle divided into three segments, marked "Plan", "Run" and "Review". The image summarises this article.



It’s a long one today. I’ve broken it out into a few posts, to make it easier to find the bit you’re looking for:

1. Planning your Dojo:

How to prepare for a “season” of Dojos.


2. Running your Dojo:

Tips for the Dojo-to-Dojo running of things.


3. Reviewing your Dojo:

How to iterate on and improve your Dojo.

Good luck!

I’m hoping you’re all kicking off again now (my Dojo will be re-starting next Wednesday!) and that you’ll have a great year. I hope to hear from many of you over this year and meet some of you at events like Coolest Projects in June, and DojoCon in October.

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