Dojo Youths going to WIRED – Next Generation

The awesome folks over at WIRED have supplied some tickets to the CoderDojo London community. This is a one-day event for 12-to-18-year-olds offers exciting interactive experiences and engaging talks about everything from space travel to bionics!

Now in its fourth year, WIRED2016: Next Generation features an incredible range of speakers, from artists and musicians merging creativity and technology, to coders and designers exploring new territory. In addition, attendees can learn new skills, work with emerging technologies and gain confidence with other young people and adults through our series of workshops. WIRED2016: Next Generation is a unique opportunity. This inspiring event brings together switched-on and engaged young people with some of the most exciting innovators around today.

Thanks to WIRED for providing free tickets for the London CoderDojo community.

Those who will be attending are Bushra, Noor, Elena, Victoria, John, Joel, Bibi, Caithe, Naomi, and Chikara.

Here is what attendees will get up to on the day:


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