Launching new Scratch Badges!

Badge-tober is nearly over! During Badgetober we explained what badges are, the benefits of digital badges and how to award them. We also released the Code Week badge, the DojoCon badge and now…

screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-11-45-24We have just released a Scratch Badge for ninjas who gain beginner or intermediate level skills. You can see our Scratch sushi card resources here which help ninjas gain the skills for a badge!


How Ninjas are Awarded Badges

Youths can be awarded badges once they register on the platform and join their Dojo. They are automatically awarded attendance badges when they book a ticket and are are checked in to the event by the Dojo Champion or a Dojo Admin. You can see how to join a Dojo, register an account and book a ticket here.

Champions and Dojo Admin can also award badges, such as Scratch Badges, manually by following the tutorial below. You can see all the badges available to the community here.

Whats next?

We are about to release our new badging criteria function which allows Dojo Admin and Champions to include ninjas projects to highlight the youth has attained the skills required to be awarded a particular badge!


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