Rewarding creativity and participation with digital badges!

ninja_01xThis month were celebrating Badge-tober! A full month highlighting our awesome digital badges and how you can award, design, earn & show them off!

There are a lot of CoderDojo Ninjas learning new skills at their local Dojos and creating awesome projects as a result. We believe that this creativity should be rewarded! That’s why we created official CoderDojo Digital badges for the community using Mozilla’s open source badging platform.

Within the CoderDojo Community digital badges are a way to acknowledge digital and soft skills achieved by both youth and adult attendees at Dojos. They are an online representation of skills that the community have earned. These badges are the CoderDojo communities version of scout badges, digitalised!


Verify your skills & achievements!

screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-17-24-44These Digital badges allow you to verify the skills, interests and achievements of you Dojo community. A badge has core criteria to be met before being awarded by a champion or mentor to a youth attendee. As the CoderDojo Community turns 5 we are seeing a culture of recognition forming within the community for CoderDojo Ninjas and badging has been created to encourage and nurture this.


We have been working hard to create new badges for everyone involved in our community. Don’t forget that ninjas, mentors and champions can all be awarded badges, so check out the current list of badges here.


Europe Code Week Badge!

We have just released the ‘Europe Code Week’ digital badge which can be awarded to CoderDojo community members who shared their knowledge with others during Code Week (October 15th-23rd).

Please note: to award and/or be awarded digital badges you need to be registered on the CoderDojo community platform. To learn more about how to get registered click here.

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