Attend CoderDojo’s #EUDojo @ the European Parliament, Brussels!

EU Dojo

Hosted by Seán Kelly, MEP

from 1pm – 3pm on Tuesday 18th October 2016.

The EU Dojo is taking place again this year on the 18th October in the European Parliament in Brussels to celebrate EU Code Week. At the event MEP’s will be taught their first lines of code by CoderDojo youth attendees!

Would you like to attend the event in Brussels and teach the MEP’s a thing or two about coding?

Get Involved

We are looking for Mentors and Champions from all over Europe to bring young people from their Dojos to Brussels on 18th October. We are specifically looking for young people who are eager to Mentor or who already Mentor at their Dojo.

This is an opportunity for Ninjas to showcase the skills and creativity present in their Dojos to a very important audience of MEPs. We want the Ninjas, Champions and Mentors who attend EU Dojo to show MEPs just how cool coding is and how much fun you have doing it!

If you are interested in attending with young people from your Dojo click below!

Click Here to Apply

Note: Only CoderDojo Mentors or Champions should fill in the form. An amount of bursaries will be available towards travel costs. We will be contacting the Dojos who have completed the form in Late-September to confirm their attendance and guarantee their place. Filling in the form alone is not a guarantee of a place. Deadline 26th September @ 23:59 (GMT).

Last Years Event: EU Dojo 2015

On September 30th, the third annual #EUDojo event hosted by CoderDojo and Seán Kelly MEP took place in the EU Parliament in Brussels. Over 60 CoderDojo Youths,  Mentors, Champions and Parents from across the EU were invited to participate.  The young coders from countries including Ireland, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Italy and the UK were welcomed to Brussels to showcase their coding and technology skills and to teach some MEPs how to write a few lines of code. With ages ranging from 7 upwards, the young people amazed participants with their knowledge and ability.

Read about last years event here.

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